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Vita Hair Max - a new remedy against the hair fall. The natural composition of keratin, caffeine, and magnesium revitalizes hair, stimulates growth and awakens the dormant hair follicles.

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Spray Vita Hair Max already for the month to fill your hair with vitality and energy.

Product against hair loss. Vita Hair Max - an innovative tool in the market of beauty products and health. Form of a spray. Focused on the solution of problems of loss of hair. Restores and strengthens the structure of damaged hair from the root. Effectively eliminates dandruff from the head. Thousands of consumers have time to try the spray action, stressed the positive results already after a week of daily use.

Spray against hair loss - action 5 in 1

Vita Hair Max is success the result of the work of experts and scholars who wanted to a product became the solution of all the problems most common to the care of the hair.

Spray combines the action of five of the most common remedies in all over the world:

  1. Against hair loss
  2. For the growth of new hair and awakens follicles
  3. Against dandruff head
  4. For a quick installation of the natural
  5. To strengthen and restore hair from the roots
universal spray against hair loss for men and women Life Hair Max

Spray Vita Hair Max convenient to use. Easy to apply and is distributed throughout its length, the hair does not become fat and not glued.

Buy spray Vita Hair Max - buy a product effective against hair fall and dandruff, for strengthening and repairing damaged hair, the natural remedy for quick and easy installation natural hairstyles.

Spray universal. It is designed for women and men. It is recommended to use daily. Once a day to repair damaged hair and to prevent from falling. Two times per day - to eliminate fall and dandruff, to accelerate the growth of hair.

The spray action against hair loss, stimulates growth

When uniform application components that make up the formula Vita Hair Maxactively nourish the scalp and the hair along its whole length by more roots. Soak, spray actively acts on the dormant hair follicles (follicles). Filling the structure of the hair and dormant hair follicles with valuable vitamins and minerals, spray excites the mechanism of recovery and urgent awakening. Therefore, the research and practice of consumers have shown that after one week of using the spray, the hair looks silky and smooth, shining with beauty and health. And after a month of use, hair is visibly longer and more often. Just two weeks spray effectively fights dandruff.

the tool for the daily care of hair with keratin Life Hair Max

Indications, contraindications, how to use

Hair loss

The need to use a spray against hair loss is evident. Daily loss of hair with shampoo, when hair and for no reason throughout the day.

Dandruff head

Signs - white flakes on your clothes, unpleasant sensations on the skin (you scratch always creates discomfort).

The thinning hair and balding

Awakens the dormant hair follicles and stimulates growth of new hair. A month later, it is obvious that the hair has become much thicker.

Fragile, thin and weak hair

Rebuilds the hair structure. Fills the hair with vitamins and minerals, promote healing destroyed the structure. Compensates for the lack of keratin.

Thanks to the natural composition, spray there are no contraindications to the use. There are instructions detailed information about the properties, indications and contraindications.

Application. With the help of a respirator, spray apply the liquid to the entire length of hair, comb through. The number of touches depends on the density and length of hair. When they appear, dandruff or want to increase the density of the hair, with special attention to the scalp and the hair at the root. Massage gently rub the spray. With the help of active components in the spray and a light massage, your hair is growing faster and able to awaken the growth of new. Apply the spray can be every 1-2 times.

The strength of natural ingredients

In addition to all these advantages and benefits, Vita Hair Max generated on the basis of natural ingredients. Spray Formula - a combination of active ingredients of natural origin. It has no side effects. The lack of chemical, alcohol, silicones and synthetic resins.

the tool with caffeine against hair Life Hair Max

Magnesium is the vital element, that make up all tissues and cells of the human body, including hair. Is responsible for the growth and development. If the levels of magnesium reduced, we speak of slow growth of the hair. Therefore, the presence of magnesium as one of the active components spray guarantees the activation of the growth of existing and new hair.

The caffeine in it. According to the data of the results of the research, it was learned that the main cause of hair loss in women and men is an excess of the male hormone testosterone! And that the caffeine has properties that are able to neutralize the testosterone. Then, stop hair loss.

Keratin - the main element of a hair, which represents more than 75% of the whole of its structure. Shampoo, chlorinated water, thermo-laying, ironing board and iron, wrong hairdo, the adverse external environment, the environment and the climatic conditions (frost or, on the contrary, the hot sun). All this has a negative effect on the upper layer of the hair (hair cuticle). Resume, its surface will be only an additional keratin from the outside. For example, Vita Hair Max. Apply the spray to all of your hair, comb through to evenly distribute the micro-particles of spray. Repeat this every morning and evening for a week. You will see a big difference before and after. Your hair look smooth and silky means Vita Hair Max he filled the structure of hair keratin and has smoothed down the harm. With the help of keratin hair will not only look beautiful, but also easier to comb and stacked. They become more resistant to external factors adverse.

How to sort in Poland - price 159zł

To buy the original spray against hair loss Vita Hair Maxthe order through the official website. Use a simple online order form, where you only need to specify the name and the telephone number for the communication. Wait for the call to a manager to specify all the details. Shipping all over the country (Poland). The payment on delivery.

Life Hair Max spray for strong thick and long hair without dandruff

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The director of our company, you can also clarify on the conduct of the actions. For example, today, it is active in the promotion -50%. You can buy spray Vita Hair Max at a lower price, or once two for the price of one.

Spray Vita Hair Max he has helped thousands of women and men get rid of loss, of having beautiful hair, healthy and feel more confident. Try it to believe it!

The opinion of a doctor

Dr. A doctor tricologo Kamil Kamil
A doctor tricologo
10 years
Hair loss - a common disease in Poland and all over the world. Of particular concern in women. Find a method available to stop hair loss is almost impossible. Usually it is expensive treatment methods that can allow not all. With spray Vita Hair Max thousands of women have become more glad. Spray effectively stops hair loss after a month of application. Eliminates dandruff, stimulates growth and strengthens the hair from the root. It has a natural composition and does not cause allergies. Recommend it to my patients Vita Hair Max as a reliable and cost effective solution!